062914 Chavacano Made Easy

 Insects   Insecto

ants     –subay

beetle           -bangangan

black ant – subay negro

bumblebee         –buyug

butterflies          –mariposa

centipedes         –cienpies

cicadas      –sirik sirik


dragonfly           –apan

firefly          –aniniput     

flea  -cutu

grasshoppers, locusts –langostas

housefly    –moscas

mosquito  –mosquito, lamuk

honey bee          –panal

moth-mariposa de denoche

scorpion –alacran 

spider        –gagamba                   

termite   – anay    

walking stick   –palitopalito

praying mantis –manilamanila


From the Chavacano Handbook by Felino M Santos 
For details address queries to felinomsantos@gmail.com. Or visit http://englishchavacanodictionary.weebly.com/index.html also at https://chavacanohandbook.wordpress.com/



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