071114 Chavacano Made Easy Tenses

071114 Chavacano Made Easy


In Chavacano and in common usage there are only the simple present, past and future tenses. We do not have perfect or past perfect, or future perfect tenses as in Spanish or English.

To indicate tenses, the expression “ta” is used for present, “ya” for past, (and) “el” or “ay” for future tense. The ”ay” in used in informal situations , as in the family, etc. The expression “pa” refers to something that is “on going”. The repetition of the last syllable of a verb also indicate an on-going activity.


I am drinking coffee. -Ta toma yo café.

I will drink coffee tomorrow.
-El (Ay) toma yo cafe mañana.

I drank cofee yesterday. -Ya toma yo cafe ayer.

Progressve/ On going
I am still drinking cofee. -Ta toma pa yo cafe.

This is a pineapple fruit.
Este fruta de piña.

I am eating pineapple. -Ta come yo piña.

I will eat pineapple tomorrow.
– El come yo piña mañana.
I ate pineapple yesterday.
-Ya come yo piña ayer.
On going;
I am still eating pineapple.
-Ta come pa yo piña.

From the Chavacano Handbook by Felino M Santos

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