071414 Chavacano Made Easy Singular & Plural

071414 Chavacano Made Easy

Singular & Plural
The plural forms for nouns in Chavacano usually follow the Spanish or English rule on numbers.
To make a noun plural in Chavacano, add “S” more so if the noun ends with a vowel. So un gato (a cat) becomes dos gatos (two cats). The word for month -(mes)- becomes plural by adding es. Note also that the plural forms of most nouns are indicated by the modifier “maga” or “mana” before the word. Maga is Tagalog word for “some” or indicating the plural form of a noun. Thus: the singular mesa is used as a plural with maga mesa, maga ventana, maga libro, maga zapatos, maga gente, maga ojos. Some Chavacanos use “mana.”
From the Chavacano Handbook by Felino M Santos

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