071714 Chavacano Made Easy Use of “de” and “desde”

071714 Chavacano Made Easy

Use of “de” and “desde”


Desde is used to denote space and time elements from one point to another.

Work time is from sunrise to sunset.
El hora de trabajo desde subida del sol hasta sumida del sol.

The important part in education is from Grade I to Grade VI.
El importante parte na educación desde primer grado hasta seis grado.

“De” can be the prepositions “of” or “from”.
“De” is used to denote possession and ownership:

This is a bowl of soup. Este un tasa de caldo.
This ring is of gold. Este anillo de oro. This book is of Maria. Este libro de Maria.
Jose is from Luzon. Si Jose de Luzon.
”De” is used to say that something is made out of a material like:
The table is of wood. El mesa de palo.
The cup is of silver. El copa de plata.

“Desde” is used in correlation with a starting time and limit. It is used to state a point in time or place from which something starts or begins like a thing, an event or a distance.

Since Monday Desde Lunes
From Manila to Zamboanga City.
Desde Manila para Zamboanga.
from my house desde mi casa

“Desde” is used to express time / location:
since that time desde aquel tiempo
from my school desde mi escuela
since my birth desde mi nacimiento

“Desde” is used to introduce a point of view or an opinion, as: from a historical point of view – desde el punto histórica
from my point of view
– desde mi punto de vista
They walk from the house to school.
Ta camina sila desde casa para escuela.

What is the distance from there to here?
Cosa el distancia desde allá para aquí?

From the Chavacano Handbook by Felino M Santos

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