072314 Chavacano Made Easy The use of “anay”

072314 Chavacano Made Easy

The use of “anay”
The Chavacano word for termites is “anay”.
However, the word “anay” is also used in several other ways, to describe, modify an action or activity. The Word “anay” is of Visayan origin and used as such in that dialect.
In general “anay” is used to qualify an activity that is indefinite or precedes another activity.
I will eat my breakfat at six this morning.
-El come yo mi almuerzo alas seis del aga. Or
– El almorza anay yo alas seis del aga.
When an activity is about to be done, but another unplanned activity precedes this activity, the word “anay” is used as in the precedding sentence.
Ex. Jose is about to go to work, but he changad his mind and decided to eat bananas.

He says: I will eat bananas before I leave.
-El come yo anay saging antes de larga para trabajo.

Take a nap before you go.
-Man siesta anay antes tu larga.

From the Chavacano Handbook by Felino M Santos

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