080814 Chavacano Made Easy Negatives Hende

080814 Chavacano Made Easy

Negatives Hende

The Chavacanos use the word “hende” meaning “not” as a negative. The origin of this word is “hindi” which is Tagalog for ‘not’. Unlike the rule of muting the setter “h” in words, the “h” in hende is not muted.
not clear hende claro or oscuro
not ripe hende maduro or jilaw
not happy hende alegre o triste
not tall hende alto o bajo
not sad hende triste o alegre
For those used to spelling Hindi in Tagalog, the spelling of “hende” in Chavacano come natural. The H here is pronounced, although some would spell the word as ”jendeh”.

From the Chavacano Handbook by Felino M Santos

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