081214 Chavacano Made Easy Spelling in Chavacano

081214 Chavacano Made Easy

Spelling in Chavacano

Majority of the words in Chavacano are Spanish or of Spanish origin. The other words are derived from local dialects like Visayan, Tagalog and other native tongues.

The general consensus among Zamboanguenos or those who speak or write in Chavacano , is that words of Spanish origin should be spelled in Spanish.

A Spanish dictionary will come in handy with this “rule”. Words derived from other dialects in the Philippines like Visayan, Tagalog should be spelled as closely to the original native words, except as in the pronunciation of words with “i” or “e” by Visayan speakers of Chavacano. Most Visayans pronunce the ”e” as “i” and vice versa.

This book is intended to serve as a reference on how the Chavacano is spoken in the early 2000s. It may not be complete but the author has spent years compiling these words and phrases for this edition. Some may not agree with all the entries in this book. If they have the time, they can email suggestions for possible inclusion in subsequent editions.
From the Chavacano Handbook by Felino M Santos

Limited Book Bound Copies available. Also available as E-Book in PDF format
For details address queries to felinomsantos@gmail.com. Or visit http://englishchavacanodictionary.weebly.com/index.html also at https://chavacanohandbook.wordpress.com/


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