Lesson 13 Action Words Chavacano Made Easy (choke – commend)


choke       – hace cugah

choose       – escoge

chop         -tajia

chose        – escoge

civilize  -civiliza

clap hands  –tuca mano

clarify  -clarifica, aclara

clean -limpia

climb         -subí

cling  -man cabit

close         -cerra, tranca

club  -garutia

collect  -cobra, colecta

collide   -choquea

comb hair –peina pelo

comb          –peina

come home – volve

come now   -vene ya

commence   -comenza

commend  -comenda


From the Chavacano Handbook by Felino M Santos

Limited Book Bound Copies available. Also available as E-Book in PDF format.  For details address queries to felinomsantos@gmail.com.

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