Lesson 24 Action Words Chavacano Made Easy (fall-fit)


fall  cay, cae

falsify       falsifica

fast, abstain      ayuna

fasten  amarra,

fatten  engorda

favor  ta favorece,

favor with gift  . regala

feed dale come

feel  tantea, palpa,

feint hace handah

fence        encórrala, encerca

fertilize pone abono

fight   pelea

fill     llena

finalize  finaliza

find  encontra

fine  multa

finish  hace acaba

fish  pesca

fit     tupa, coloca


From the Chavacano Handbook by Felino M Santos

Limited Book Bound Copies available. Also available as E-Book in PDF format.  For details address queries to felinomsantos@gmail.com.

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