Lesson 31 Action Words Chavacano Made Easy (jeer-gangia launder-lava)


jeer  gangia

join  uni, man junto,

joke  tenta, embroma

jump brinca, salta

justify       justifica

keep after  persigi

keep back  aguanta

keep   guarda

keep off   preveni

keep out no manda entra

keep safe  con cidao

kick   patea

kindle        cendí, quema

kiss  besa

knead   masa, suba

kneel          hinca

knock          golpe, tuktuk

know    sabe, conoce,

lasso          lasa

laugh rei

launder  lava


From the Chavacano Handbook by Felino M Santos

Limited Book Bound Copies available. Also available as E-Book in PDF format.  For details address queries to felinomsantos@gmail.com.

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